Erika Record | Semi RH Divider/Rounder

Semi-automatic dough divider/rounder with a removable knife head system


Our entry level Divider/Rounder offering, the Erika Record Semi RH Divider/Rounder offers superior rounding, durability and increased production for bakeries and foodservice operations.


Simply insert your rounding plate with dough into the machine. Then pull the pressure handle to evenly press the dough, applying a strong downward force. Next, divide your dough into equal portions by releasing the cutting handle. Lastly, push the rounding handle to form perfectly round dough balls. This entire process takes place in a matter of seconds.


The Semi RH also provides greater flexibility with the additional removable, interchangeable knife head (RH) system. This allows you to create different types of rolls with varying weight ranges and sizes in the same machine as well as facilitate easier cleaning and maintenance.



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The Erika Record SEMI RH dough divider/rounder includes the following standard features:

  • Three lightweight, sanitary rounding plates are included
  • Rounding mechanism runs in oil bath for absolutely smooth, quiet and long-lasting operation\
  • Sanitary cutting knives
  • No oil in or above product zone
  • Ships with necessary oil, which is required for the rounding mechanism
  • Pressure can be determined by the operator
  • Easy weight adjustment
  • Minimal maintenance required


Finished with lead free enamel paint
Double bearing rounding plate drive-train
Head covers are made of thermoplastic material

Located in the front and rear of the machine. These covers are durable, impact resistant, and shatter proof; snapping on and off for easy cleaning.

Head can be tilted for easy cleaning
Easy to remove dough entrapment ring
Teflon coated knife head assembly
Perfect for high hydration, “sticky” dough types
Sturdy cast iron construction
Base, gear housing, knife frame and arch are made of sturdy cast iron