LaZumba Decaff Coffee Beans 500g

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500g LaZumba Decaff freshly roasted coffee beans.

LaZumba Decaff is a certified organic Swiss Water Method, Decaffeinated blend.

Grown in Peru, expertly decaffeinated in Canada and skillfully, freshly roasted in Australia to ensure the coffee flavour and aroma are true to espresso .. minus the caffeine with all the taste.

Blend Origin Notes

100% Arabica, Peru is famous for its high altitude, producing a denser bean with complex cup characteristics, organically grown beans and cultivated via a network of small farms.

Tasting Notes

This decaffeinated blend is roasted fresh, delivering all of the attributes of a caffeinated coffee without the caffeine.

A rustic orange crema which is bright on the palate, with a clean and sweet finish and mild fruitness, LaZumba Decaff is the perfect bean for any decaffeinated coffee beverage.