LaZumba Oro Coffee Beans 1kg

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1kg LaZumba Cafe Oro freshly roasted coffee beans.

Classic with a twist is the best way to describe LaZumba Cafe Oro.  Utilising a combination of age-old methods and the latest coffee roasting technology, gives Cafe Or a bright and fresh composition.

Blend Origin Notes

Cafe Oro is 100% Arabica and sourced from eight countries, primarily the Americas – Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico and Brazil. An interesting addition to this blend is the inclusion of two further Asia-origin Arabicas, and another sourced from Ethiopia in the African region. Cafe Oro is truly diverse.

Tasting Notes

The espresso pours liquid gold in colour and has an aroma that is herby and bright. The light to medium roast profile ensures low acidity coupled with high sweetness on the palate.

The lingering flavours are clean and spicy with subtle cherry undertnotes. A highly versatile coffee that is equally as delicious as espresso as it is with milk. Cafe Oro’s ability to cut through milk makes it ideal in such coffees as cappuccino and cafe latte.