LaZumba Superior Coffee Beans 1kg

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1kg LaZumba Superior freshly roasted coffee beans.

Our Superior Blend recently won the Bronze Medal at the 2018 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show (Coffee Category, Class 1 Espresso Blend).

As its’ namesake implies, La Zumba Superior uses only superior grade Arabica and Robusta beans to create this premium blend.​

​Blend Origin Notes

Superior uses a blend of beans from three key coffee growing countries. Peru – being well known for producing the world’s best Arabica coffee beans, Brazil – famous for its low acidity coffee, and India – known for producing strong flavoured Robusta coffee beans. These three bean origins all blend together perfectly to make La Zumba Superior the mult-award winning blend it is.

Tasting Notes

Medium roasted, Superior offers a rich, complex and smooth taste profile with subtle fruity undertones. This coffee pours a full-bodied cup with a thick crema and strong, intense aroma. Superior delivers a silky smooth espresso with dark rusty coloured crema, the perfect foundation to appease Australia’s love affair with milk based coffees such as the cappuccino and cafe latte, due to Superior’s ability to cut through milk.