LaZumba Rumba Coffee Beans 1kg

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1KG LaZumba Rumba freshly roasted coffee beans.

Rumba is expertly sourced from no less than seven countries. Rumba is a true blend of the world, giving it a diverse and intense mix of flavours.

Blend Origin Notes

Sourced from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, Timor-Leste and India. The Timor-Leste coffee is extra special and considered the highest quality in the world market.

In addition, the majority of Arabica blend and A-grade Indian Robusta beans provide a strong but smooth coffee flavour and depth.

Tasting Notes

The blend pours densely, producing a richly coloured rustic orange crema and excellent mouth feel, making it an ideal all-round espresso blend.

The perfect foundation to appease Australia’s love affair with milk based coffees, such as the cappuccino and cafe latte, due to Rumba’s ability to cut through milk.