n order to be able to work profitably today, you need precise and reliable injection molding machines. 

The Pökomat P10 therefore have all the features of the Pökomat machines that have been tried and tested in practice for years. In the Pökomat P10, the drive with motor and gearbox is located above the spray chamber. This means: a longer service life and possible customer service monitoring can be carried out more easily and safely. 

The pump room is hermetically separated from the injection room. The 1000 times proven individual needle valve control also gives this Pökomat the known repeatable accuracy when spraying. In conjunction with the even stitch pattern, you achieve consistent quality. 

The exact matching of pump, Valve and needle control allows injection regulation from 5% up to the maximum desired injection quantity. Despite their compact dimensions, these machines meet all the safety requirements of the trade association (GS) and are CE-certified.




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